Finding Relationships in the Numbers

Our consulting team knows the importance of accurate and timely business intelligence by finding relationships in numbers and closing the gap with information about today that can change tomorrow. In today’s business environment, companies need information when they can do something with it. They must combat poor data management, which leads to missing key performance indicators (KPIs) and inadequate decision making. Adaptive Discovery is the only cloud-based visual analytics application designed for use by executives, business managers, and finance – not just IT. It delivers unprecedented capability to drill down and across multi-dimensional data.  You can use simple menu selections to view trend lines and other analytical views such as waterfall and control charts, with no programming required.


Key Benefits:

  • Visual Discovery and Analysis Software – Interact with intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics
  • Navigation – Navigate quickly across different levels of data
  • Interactivity – Use tremendous and flexible options for drilling down and across data
  • Analytics – Use data storytelling to explain what’s happening
  • Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating – Use shared notes to attach explanations to data and call users’ attention to issues with zones and alerts
  • Visual Designer – Use drag-and-drop to create and edit charts and dashboards
  • Architecture Advantage – Virtually unlimited scaling capabilities, fast performance and flexibility

Why Hein?

Adaptive Insights. Done Right.

If you’re considering implementing Adaptive Insights, you should know that choosing the right implementation partner is the most important choice you’ll make. Hein & Associates LLP provides you with the confidence that comes from having experienced consultants help you streamline finance so you can increase your time spent strategically supporting business objectives. Our certified Adaptive Insights implementation team includes experienced financial professionals and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds.  We understand the pain points the CFO organization faces every day, including financial planning and analysis, data consolidation, analytics, reporting and more.  If you would like to learn more about the Adaptive Insights CPM software and how Adaptive Insights can improve your performance management process, contact Hein & Associates LLP today.

Please contact us for more information or call 877-554-7735.