Simplifying the Budgeting Process

Traditionally, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) has been dominated by an annual process where Finance and Operations use assumptions and estimates to build a plan. Often, there is a struggle over whether the process is meaningful since the numbers will be obsolete soon after the ink dries. Then, later in the fiscal year – when variances arise – distrust and uncertainty can develop between finance and operations over the origins of the budgeted figures. The headaches typically multiply if you are managing this process in Microsoft Excel. With Cell Explorer, Adaptive Insights overcomes these obstacles to provide users with detailed information about user-inputs, calculated formulas and more. This allows Operations to trust the numbers and focus on solving operational issues.


Key Benefits:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting Software – Reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 90%
  • Administration – Create planning models with no programming required
  • Personnel Planning – Provide business users with an intuitive data entry interface
  • Sales and Revenue Planning – Integrate pipeline and actual sales data from CRM or other systems
  • Capital Asset Planning – Use configurable sheets designed by you to capture what’s important
  • Allocation Planning – Simplify with intuitive interface, and rules instead of complex formulas
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning – Use driver-based planning to link together different planning elements
  • Rolling Forecasts – Continuously optimize decision making with frequent rolling forecasts
  • Workflow – Make it easy for managers to submit, approve, and reject plans
  • Multiple Currencies – Reduce complexity of multi-national planning and reporting

Why Hein?

Adaptive Insights. Done Right.

If you’re considering implementing Adaptive Insights, you should know that choosing the right implementation partner is the most important choice you’ll make. Hein & Associates provides you with the confidence that comes from having experienced consultants help you streamline finance so you can increase your time spent strategically supporting business objectives. Our certified Adaptive Insights implementation team includes experienced financial professionals and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds.  We understand the pain points the CFO organization faces every day, including financial planning and analysis, data consolidation, analytics, reporting and more.  If you would like to learn more about the Adaptive Insights CPM software and how Adaptive Insights can improve your performance management process, contact Hein & Associates today.

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