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Our consulting team knows that your CPM solution must empower your budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting processes. We understand that your financial professionals need an easy to use solution to effectively manage and monitor key performance indicators (KPI’s) and financial results. With an interactive, drag-and-drop interface, our reporting tool provides insight into business metrics and enables better decision making. Adaptive Insights, the leading cloud CPM solution, changes how you run your business through intelligent budgeting and forecasting models. Whether it is personnel, sales and revenue, capital asset, or balance sheet and cash flow planning, Adaptive offers results along with best in class user experiences.

Corporate Performance Management Services:

Why Hein?

Adaptive Insights. Done Right.

If you’re considering implementing Adaptive Insights, you should know that choosing the right implementation partner is the most important choice you’ll make. Hein & Associates provides you with the confidence that comes from having experienced consultants help you streamline finance so you can increase your time spent strategically supporting business objectives. Our certified Adaptive Insights implementation team includes experienced financial professionals and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds. We understand the pain points the CFO organization faces every day, including financial planning and analysis, data consolidation, analytics, reporting and more. If you would like to learn more about the Adaptive Insights CPM software and how Adaptive Insights can improve your performance management process, contact Hein & Associates today.

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