A Hein SOC Readiness Assessment: The Key to SOC Report Success

The good news is that most businesses have what it takes to obtain an unqualified SOC opinion. The critical success element is preparation. That’s when a Hein SOC Readiness Assessment makes all of the difference.

Hein can perform a readiness assessment that will help you understand the areas of your business and processes and systems which should be included in your SOC report. Once the in scope services and processes are established, Hein can help identify gaps in your internal control environment that need to be put in place before formal SOC reporting begins.

soc readiness assessment

Hein & Associates typically performs the following in our Readiness Assessment:

  1. We will begin by reviewing any relevant client agreements/contracts and determine which controls in our opinion need to be in place to meet the requirements of your SOC report.
  2. We will perform a readiness assessment covering the design effectiveness of control activities in place at the service organization. During this process, we will review your Company’s current policies and procedures documentation to identify internal controls and identify gaps. After this step is complete, we will meet with management to develop a remediation plan and the next steps based on the assessment results.
  3. Once the design of your controls has been reviewed, we will perform high-level testing to determine the operating effectiveness of the controls designed to achieve the requirements of your SOC report. We will report back to you the areas that are not operating effectively so that you can develop a plan to remediate your control deficiencies.
  4. (Optional) Issue a Type 1 SOC report containing our opinion on the design of your controls.

Why Hein?

  • Service organization reporting standards expertise
  • Efficient, effective and practical solutions for all size companies
  • Responsiveness and communication
  • Strong mutual relationships
  • Service auditor quality of service
  • Certified Privacy professionals
  • Practical templates and tools so clients can quickly prepare for SOC audits
  • Broad client base across most industries to leverage experience
  • Strong cloud services IT and security experience

Please contact consulting@heincpa.com for more information or call 877-554-7735.