Internal AuditDelivering Return on Investment

Hein transforms the traditionally reactive function of an audit to a more strategic approach. Our unique risk assessment approach expands on mandatory SOX 404 compliance work by factoring in up to 22 additional attributes that can identify your company’s overall risk.

Our internal audit process helps you:

  • Improve regulatory effectiveness and compliance
  • Drive operational excellence
  • Proactively manage risk

In conducting your internal audit, we not only assess risk, but we improve your overall operational performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Performing specialized audits, including contract and vendor audits
  • Providing IT internal audits and cloud solutions
  • Accelerating audit planning through co-sourcing
  • Conducting fraud assessments

Why Hein?

Our Internal Audit team consists of corporate leaders or past business owners. We are well rounded and understand business from every aspect. We also have experience in external audits, so we can offer insights from both sides of the audit process.

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