The results of the assessment will generate an executive summary report that includes a high-level cyber security gap assessment in five key functions of cyber security. Once complete, we will ask for your contact information to provide the customized executive summary report of how your organization benchmarks in Hein’s Cyber Risk Framework. This report will also include your answers to each of the questions.

After completing the survey, Hein is available to help you interpret your results and our team of cyber security experts can help you customize a solution for your organization to provide a secure network environment. If requested, we are happy to complete the assessment with you offline.

NOTE: Due to the potential sensitivity of information, we will only send survey results to company-based email addresses, i.e.

Sample Executive Report

The Hein Cyber Security Assessment will be used to generate a customized executive summary of potential external vulnerabilities your organization may face.

Cyber Security Assessment

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By completing the assessment, you will also be entered into our monthly drawing for a FREE external security scan of your environment by one of our cyber security experts.


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