Respond 2 - Need Firefighters

Our consulting team understands that a quick response to a cyber-attack can mean the difference between surviving as a business, or losing business sensitive and critical information, and potentially your market reputation. If your organization is not prepared to respond to an attack, an attacker may steal or destroy your organization’s data and systems in order to cover its tracks. We can help your organization get back to business as usual during or after a cyber attack. Recovering from this type of event can be a daunting task that may affect your overall enterprise cyber risk strategy and tactics.

Our Cyber Risk team can be an integral part of helping you respond to and recover from a cyber attack.

Key Benefits:

  • Develop and implement event response plans based on risk-based scenarios
  • Validate that the right forensic data is in place to analyze and respond to a cyber-attack
  • Prepare and perform attack scenarios to test your information security program’s response effectiveness at identifying and eradicating cyber threats
  • Provide intelligence on how to respond to various types of cyber-attacks on your environment
  • Investigate, facilitate, and develop cyber-attack event recovery plans based on risk-based scenario
  • Assess and recommend improvements to your information security program and risk assessment

Why Hein?

  • We understand how to integrate a cyber risk mitigation program throughout your entire business
  • Our professionals are truly independent, knowledgeable, and dedicated full-time cyber risk professionals
  • We develop value added partnerships that are interested in your success
  • Unique, in-house developed assessment tools designed for your success
  • Innovative cyber risk professionals who are veterans with over 20 years’ experience as CISSPs, CISAs, and former VPs of IT

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