Protect 1

Our consulting team understands that, as a part of your overall cyber defense strategy, prevention measures are needed to protect your environment from attack. When the right technologies interact with knowledgeable people and processes, your critical and sensitive company information is protected. Our Cyber Risk team assesses and enables your organization around the right cyber security technologies that align with the needs of your business. We help organizations with the following:

Key Benefits:

  • Perform penetration and vulnerability assessments
  • Assess frameworks to manage credentials for access permissions, separation of duties, and least privilege
  • Perform social audits and security training
  • Implement Identity Access Management (IAM) software solutions
  • Establish secure processes for access administration, software and configuration change management, log management, backups, border protection, and system integrity checks
  • Define baseline hardened configuration standards for network components, operating systems, databases, and applications
  • Establish processes for secure software development and coding based on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Why Hein?

  • We understand how to integrate a cyber risk mitigation program throughout your entire business
  • Our professionals are truly independent, knowledgeable, and dedicated full-time cyber risk professionals
  • We develop value added partnerships that are interested in your success
  • Unique, in-house developed assessment tools designed for your success
  • Innovative cyber risk professionals who are veterans with over 20 years’ experience as CISSPs, CISAs, and former VPs of IT

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