Specialized Revenue Allocation 1

Adding Value with Consistency

Specialized revenue allocation enables clients to ensure all parties are paid what they are entitled to receive. Hein has helped companies ensure production payments are appropriately allocated and received. We have experience in developing efficiency gains in managing level of effort during declining prices, moving contracts along that are caught up with slowed-down development programs, and dealing with environmental concerns such as changes in environmental requirements and laws, frac issues, earthquakes from water disposal wells, and the rapid development of shale. We understand these challenges and the importance of maintaining good relationships with vendors and partners facing bankruptcy, billing, and solvency challenges.

Key Benefits:

  • Confirmation for oil and natural gas production allocation, quantity, quality and calculation
  • Onshore and offshore production allocation for commingled production streams involving multiple parties
  • Contracts and accounting associated with revenue production allocations
  • Field measurement, data capture, and reporting

Why Hein?

Our Specialized Revenue Allocation team adds value for clients by making sure payments and distribution entitlements are being met. We leverage our industry expertise and understand the intricacies and distinctions of a range of business contracts, processes and procedures, and have been able to help companies recover incorrect charges assumed during the normal course of business while maintaining and improving relationships with their business partners and associates. Our professionals with over 50 years of industry experience combine the skills, resources, and capabilities of a CPA firm to gain synergies with clients using a team approach that brings relationships to the forefront.

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