Aligning Business Concerns with Results

Settlement statement consulting validates appropriateness of transactions underlying timing and cut-off requirements during the acquisition of another company’s assets both on the seller side and the buyer side, identifying inaccuracies to facilitate appropriate settlement by the parties upon closing the deal. Our consulting team helps clients resolve issues that arise during the planning, company analysis, and execution phases of managing a portfolio of assets through the process of acquiring a company or selling a business.

Key Benefits:

  • Validating transactions for determining final settlements
  • Identifying inaccuracies and ascertaining inconsistencies
  • Pre and post close transaction and agreement due diligence
  • Deployment of resources and requirements
  • Aligning expectations to results

Why Hein?

Our Settlement Statement Consulting team looks at each client individually and creates a specific strategy for the unique requirements of the business throughout the entire acquisition or divestiture procedure. We are sensitive to your business concerns and proactively identify inconsistencies by focusing on contractual obligations. Our flexible approach empowers us to develop the right solutions for you based on our ability to advise, plan, and execute key strategies to help find savings and meet your goals from a results standpoint. Our professionals combine the skills, resources, and capabilities of a CPA firm with over 50 years of industry experience to gain synergies with clients using a team approach that brings relationships to the forefront.

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