A Flexible, Solution-Oriented Approach

Our consulting team understands contracts are only as good as the compliance measures employed during the normal course of business. By focusing on the contractual obligations and being proactive in determining inaccuracies or inconsistencies, Hein will help foster the relationship you have with your business concerns while facilitating any savings along the way.

Contract Compliance Services:

Why Hein?

Our Contract Compliance team is experienced in serving a variety of our firm’s clients in a wide range of industries in areas such as royalties and revenues for oil and gas, expenditures for joint operations and vendor relations, timing and cut-off items for determining final settlements during acquisitions and divestitures and more.  At Hein, we believe relationships are critical and valued throughout the supply chain and, as such, we respect your needs and requirements to appropriately address their concerns.

Please contact consulting@heincpa.com for more information or call 877-554-7735.