With offices in Denver, Houston, Dallas, and Orange County, Hein has provided accounting and advisory services to public and private companies in a variety of industries across the country and throughout the world for more than 30 years.

Hein Is Easy to Work With

Hein partners and managers are visible, involved, and believe working face-to-face is the best approach. We are easy to reach, giving you comfort in knowing you won’t be left with unresolved needs. Our loyal client relationships are based on:

  • Working directly in the field with your staff
  • Responding quickly to your requests
  • Staying informed about your business
  • Sharing and implementing new ideas

Knowledge Sharing is One of Hein’s Greatest Value-Drivers

Our clients gain knowledge by working closely with Hein teams. We readily share our industry depth and best practices with one another and with you. By sharing our knowledge, we enable you to make better decisions. Hein is a recognized leader in the profession, with:

  • Specialized industry and technical skills
  • SEC leadership
  • National and international capabilities
  • The highest levels of technical and professional development for our people

Every Client is Important to Hein

Every Hein client receives a high level of service deeply rooted in integrity, attentive listening, and respect. We believe your perspectives and points of view are important in achieving the best outcomes. Hein’s ability to be flexible and nimble makes us a good fit with many companies, including:

  • Small, mid-sized, national, and global businesses
  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Equity-backed companies

Hein Gives Clients Peace of Mind

Hein is known for meeting its commitments. As a client, you benefit from our highly skilled resources and expert and independent guidance on simple matters to the most complex issues. You can count on Hein teams to get work done completely and on time. Our clients trust that we act with integrity by providing:

  • Viable alternatives to resolve issues and solve problems
  • Practical experience and understanding of your business
  • Trustworthy and reliable professionals
  • Independent thinking to provide objective advice

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